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The Firefighter Belt - Vintage Design

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I'd love to craft you a beautiful belt with a unique, eye-catching buckle design modelled on my 19th century Fire Brigade vintage original. Add a faithful reproduction of a late 1800s Fire Service quick release buckle.

Hand made in England using the finest of materials. All belts are 1.5 inches (38mm) wide.

The ingredients needed to produce a great handmade leather Firefighter Belt

  • Fantastic English bridle leather, tanned using oak bark in a very long, slow process.
  • Leather needs to be thick, strong, flexible, great-smelling & stuffed with natural oils & waxes.
  • Solid, cast brass fittings in natural or nickel-plated finishes.
  • Great craftsmanship, design & finish.
  • Fantastic English bridle leather, tanned using oak bark in a very long, slow process.

1. Great leather

I use the finest of full-grain English bridle leathers. Tanned in Britain’s last remaining traditional tannery using oak bark & river water in a long, slow process that results in light, strong, beautiful leather. This really is the best belting leather I’ve ever seen. If it was a car it would be an Aston Martin. Backers of my previous belt project already know first-hand how great this leather is but, for those who'd like to know more, I've added a video & more details lower down the page.

2. Rugged hardware

Buckles & fittings used are solid brass, sand-cast & hand-finished in a traditional foundry here in the UK. Super-strong & great-looking, simple and honest. None of those cheap, brittle zinc alloy buckles used in most belts available in stores, whose plating peels off and starts to look scruffy in no time. 

3. Solid construction

I attach the buckles with tough, solid brass Chicago screws. From the front they look just like rivets but besides being stronger than most rivets, they’re removable, allowing for easy future changes of buckles if required, whilst avoiding the possibility of stitch holes weakening the leather or stitches wearing out or rotting away.  

4. Thoughtful design

Every part of these belts has been carefully considered. From the use of chicago screws to attach the buckles & the placement of those screws, to the carefully finished edges and even the oval shape of the holes that allow the prong of the buckle to lay flatter for a more comfortable fit.

5. Skilled craftsmanship

Every stage of the making process is carried out by hand right here in my own workshop. Most belts, even the most expensive, have the edges either left raw & ragged or coated with a thick layer of rubbery goo that eventually starts to crack & peel off. It makes no sense to me when a product’s quality is compromised in the interests of saving money. I believe that great materials deserve great craftsmanship so the edges of my belts are bevelled, dyed to match and finally burnished to perfection. It’s a labour-intensive process but I wouldn’t do it any other way. No rough or raw edges here!  

All belts are 1.5 inches (38mm) wide. The belts come in two-inch increments. 26" 28" 30" 32" 34" 36" 38" 40" 42" 44" 46" 48" These sizes are measured from the end of the buckle to the centre hole of the five adjustment holes on the belt. This will give you two inches either way, allowing you to go up or down by 2" in waist size and still fit the belt.

PLEASE NOTE This measurement almost certainly won't be the same as your waist size or the size you buy your jeans in! This is because most people wear their trousers more on their hips than their waist and also because, if you measured yourself over the top of a pair of trousers, you'd find that the measurement was likely a couple of inches more than expected because of the added bulk of the fabric. order to ensure a perfect fit first time, the absolute best way to find out what size belt you need is to measure a belt you already own and which fits you well. Go from the outer end of the buckle to the hole that you normally use. This is the measurement that we need to know. We'll make your new belt this same length, to the centre hole. If you don't own a belt that fits you, don't worry - you'll receive comprehensive measuring instructions with the backer's survey after the campaign closes. 

Due to the different monitor and light effects, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures.

Because of the virus, the packages we send out will be strictly disinfected.

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